Canyons - Training course with ICOpro

What is canyoning ?

It's an aquatic and explorating activity in mountain which progressing into a canyon using technics as abseiling waterfalls with ropes or zipline,
jumps into pools and slides on smooth rocks.
The coastals mountains of Gaspesie and the Chic Chocs area allow you to discover those beautiful canyons.
With a special equipment, our high qualified canyoning instructors will teach you how to progress through obstacles like big naturals pools
and even fly over it by zipline ! Mythics mountains in the heart of our beautiful Gaspesie allow you to discover a unique environment
and crystal clear and emerald green water.

We offer you 3 different courses !

« Beaulieu » canyon : Adventure Coup de cœur ! (1 departure per day at 8am)

Let's go for a full day into the Chic Chocs park ! Surrounded by mountains as high as 1000 meters , you'll go on an adventure safari with white water,
abseiling waterfalls up to 20 meters, with zipline of 45 meters !!
With a lunch break planned in the middle of the canyon, you will discover outdoor gastronomy : regional products « Delices de la mer » of Ste Anne des Monts
and smoked salmon from « Frères Atkins ». Also, a fresh and fruity meal will be offer from Eskamer after the organised transportation.

Price: 135,00$ (included the access to the Sea Shack jacuzzi)
Optionnal rent for canyoning shoes : 17,40$

« Ruisseau Castor » canyon : The family canyon ! (departures at 9am, 13pm and 17pm)

From our base camp, a 500 meters walk on the beach right on the bottom of the cliff, you will join the « Ruisseau castor ». This white water descent
is a family challenge, fun and relax with jumps as high as 5 meters on big deap pools and slides on crystal clear water.
For contemplatives people, nature interpretation lovers, the geomorphology and the vestiges of the Raftmens will captive you... 

Price: 48$ (included the access to the Sea Shack jacuzzi)
Optionnal rent for canyoning shoes : 13$

«Sauteux» canyon : The discovery canyon ! (departures at 9am and 13pm)

This half day canyoning trip is just at 5 minutes from our outdoor base camp and the canyon is running down on a place we call « la montagne des Sauteux »! The « Canyon du Sauteux » gives you some very good sensation with a little bit less of water but very scenic and vertical passages. You will learn to abseil a 30 meters waterfall with a breathtaking final view on the St-Lawrence river.

Prices: 65,25$ (including the access to the Sea Shack Jacuzzi)
Otionnal rental shoes : 13$

Sea kayaking: (duration 3h)

Whales are waiting for you!!! Not 100% sure to see them but usually the whales are there and when its calm water,
we have very good chance to see them; the minky whale, porpoise, fin whale, see birds, seals and more!
All security equipment included.

Moonlight sea kayaking trip !
For the most ambitious, come live the night life experience on the sea! Departure around 7 to 8 pm to explore the St-Lawrence River at the sun set
and discovers the magnetic phenomenon of bioluminescence by phytoplankton in the water. You will also appreciate the tranquility of the cost during the night.

Price : 43,30$
Moonlight seakayaking trip: 56,30$
(free access to the Sea Shack Jacuzzi)

Combo canyoning and sea kayaking :
The best of both world !
For sure sea kayaking or canyoning trip is a hard choice to do so do both!!!!

Combo Kayak/Castor (1 days)
Starting with your Instructor to discover « le monolithe de la Tourelle » and the Balck Guillemot and other migratory birds on your way, the « ruisseau Castor »
will be very the best place to refresh your self in naturels pools, toboggans and waterfall! Everybody wil enjoy.

Trans-Gaspésien (3 days)
Thos best popular and wild destination of the Gaspe peninsula are for you in the « Baie-des-Chaleurs », the Chic chocs and the « Haute-Gaspésie »
with us in a high confort! An amazing life experience ! Warm water from south, highest of the Chic-chocs mountain ranch (Canyon Beaulieu) and wild cliff
from the « Haute-Gaspésie »… The best way to meet warm heart of people from the peninsula.

Camping :

Platform and natural ground carpet in a fir forest are part of or camping near by the canyon of « Ruisseau Castor ». Enjoy a very quiet and peaceful
environment between the sea and the coastal mountain ranch of the « Haute Gaspésie » and put your tent in this.

Offer’s services
• Reception chalet
• Platform for tent
• Natural location for tent
• Pic-Nic table
• Wood fire location
• Parking
• Shower/ Toilet
• Fire wood (surcharge)

Price: 30,30$ per camp site

Chalet of Tarzan :

Up in the air at 7 meters with threes all around the chalet everybody love the views on the mountains and the sea from the terrace.
Perfect for small families or couple who love to be quiet and comfortable. A once in the life time experience!

• One double bed in a small room upstairs
• One queen bed in the master bedroom
• Bath/shower
• Toilet
• Table and chairs (inside and terrace)
• Fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, oven
• Utensil and kitchen equipment

Price: 750$/week and 126,25$/night

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